Why Choose a Professional Translation?

Why Choose a Professional Translation?

The business world keeps evolving in tandem with changes in technology. With the appearance of new technological platforms, it is increasingly common to establish business relations with contacts throughout the globe. For example, nowadays, it is not surprising to see a Mexican company closing a deal with a counterpart in the United States, India or other countries.  It is in this context that a professional translation service is more and more necessary.  To attain business objectives, it is key to clearly understand all documents and industrial implications. In effect, in this globalized world a well-made translation is paramount, to be sure that our files contain the proper terminology, specifications and technical concepts. It truly can make the difference between closing a deal or failure.   

What is a Professional Translation and Why is it Important for My Company?

A professional translation can involve a great variety of fields. However, it is frequently requested for reference documents or texts of a technical nature that use language intended for a restricted audience and a specific purpose. A translation specialist has deep knowledge of the language, including cultural peculiarities, idioms, slang, business terms, and regional expressions.

Thus, having the support of a professional translation service can help us communicate ideas in a clear way to business contacts, clients and potential partners who speak another language. In turn, it helps us project a more professional image to the target audience, by using the proper language and avoiding orthographical or grammatical errors.

Conversely, a badly-made translation can have negative consequences. For example, it can diminish your image before clients and even cause an important deal to fall through. In effect, not having behind you a professional translation team can make you lose touch with your clients or not fully take advantage of your team’s creativity.

Benefits of Selecting a Professional Translation

1.With a professional translation you will maintain fidelity to the original message

By having the support of a professional service, you will not have to worry about serious orthographical mistakes, or the meaning of your text being lost. This, as close attention is put on preserving purpose, tone, style so that the message is effectively conveyed to addressees or specialized audiences. Also, you will be sure that the translations will be faithful to the original text, allowing all actors involved to be on the same wavelength.   

2. Several quality filters to assure an excellent result

More than one person is involved in transcribing a professional translation into the target language. In effect, a whole team takes part, including a supervisor —with mastery of the language, industry and culture—, who will constantly be monitoring progress, as well as a reviewer who closely reads the final draft to assure it complies with quality standards.  

3. The ideal service if you want to close a deal abroad

When your business activities take you to another country, a professional translation will help protect your brand in every respect. This is to say, you will be sure that the image you want to project is transmitted into your target market, by avoiding orthographical mistakes and using the right vocabulary with the proper technical terms for the industry. This type of service helps your products or services reach potential customers exactly as in your country of origin.

4. Overcome cultural barriers 

One of the main objectives of professional translations is to break through cultural barriers among countries. This, by correctly conveying the messages into other markets, while making the language sound natural to bolster understanding and empathy on the part of the target audience. 

5. Additional services heighten the added value of a translation

A professional translation is often requested for legal, commercial or business documents, which may require a special design or specific format to keep the text identical to the original. The team of specialists that carry out a transcription can take care of such requirements.

For these and many other reasons you should choose a professional translation service. At Servicio Lingüístico Empresarial we can provide you the service you need. We have more than 42 years of experience supporting several sectors, such as legal and technology, as well as the chemical-pharmaceutical industry. Get in touch with us! Check out our services on the website and if you have questions or require a quotation, please contact us.

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