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Just give us a call and choose the course modality that better suits your requirements. Be it online or classroom-based we are sure you will be fully satisfied.

SLE offers the following:

  • Personalized language programs that are internationally certified (according to student requirements).
  • Vocabulary for business settings.
  • Ongoing training for our teaching staff.
  • Flexible schedules (chosen by participants).
  • Courses for business executives delivered in the client’s facilities (saves time and money for travel).
  • Constant course follow-up (exams and student attendance; permanent communication with the client and teachers).
  • Learning material and online support (specific to the chosen language program).
  • Placement exams (to define language level).
  • Accreditation certificate (per level).

In SLE we understand the language training requirements of the national and international markets. This is why we have developed ideal learning options for business executives. Get to know them. Learn now and start using immediately the language you need.

In SLE we are experts in improving the language communication abilities of students, bolstering their professional effectiveness. We use a comprehensive approach that involves four essential abilities for language learning: reading, writing, conversation and oral comprehension.

Service available in Mexico City and the State of Mexico

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With the support of leading institutions

  • Pearson
  • Cambridge Assessment International Education
  • Difusión

We count with the support of prestigious institutions such as Pearson and Cambridge which are global leaders in the development of teaching and learning methods. Both have solid expertise in the design of language courses that are in line with the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR), as well as certified evaluations. We receive training by these institutions for our course programs, evaluations and use of digital platforms. Likewise, they offer our staff webinars by language training experts on various topics related to education.

Learn About our Programs

Introducción al idioma extranjero
Introduction to a Foreign Language
Recommended for students with little knowledge of the language.

Purpose: Obtain basic notions of grammar and vocabulary through conversation, to communicate in the new language in an agile way, gradually losing the habit of resorting to translation.
Idioma extranjero para negocios
Foreign Language for Business
Recommended for those that want to communicate effectively in a business environment.

Purpose: Develop verbal and written communication skills to attain an adequate performance level —from intermediate to advanced— in business situations.
 Curso de inglés cotidiano
Course on Everyday English
Recommended for those that want to express themselves effectively in a language in travel and everyday situations.

Purpose: Develop communication skills with an emphasis on oral expression.
Ejecutivos nivel avanzado
Business Executives with Advanced Level
Recommended for business executives with strong language abilities but that require using a specific vocabulary in professional settings (legal, financial, technical, diplomatic, etc.)

Purpose: acquire communication abilities in professional and business settings. This includes giving presentations before audiences, writing reports and emails and participating in video conferences.
Capacitación para presentar exámenes
Training to Present Exams
Recommended for persons that require support before presenting a language examination.

Purpose: Develop the require competencies to pass with high marks a standardized language examination, such as the TOEIC and TOEFL tests, among others.
  Capacitación para presentar exámenes
Conversational Workshops

Conversations are structured around a syllabus of topics that are relevant to the client’s area of work, with the objective of effectively sustaining business-related conversations.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

The price of the courses is per person?

No, it is based on groups of maximum eight students. In turn, each group is composed of persons with a similar language level.

What is the schedule of the courses?

We can adapt to the client’s needs and availability. The courses can take place on Monday to Saturday from 7 am to 7 pm. We recommend that the duration of each course not be less than one and a half hours.

How many levels are there?

We offer six levels, from basic (introductory) to advanced. Each student is assigned a level further to a placement exam.

Do you offer classroom courses?

We offer both remote (through Zoom and other digital platforms) and classroom courses. In both cases each course is assigned a specific course program and a teacher, who is responsible for giving instruction and overseeing the student(s) from start to finish.

What is the course duration for each level?

Each course is programed for a duration of 100 hours.

How do online courses work?

They take place through the video conferencing platform ZOOM, which allows for easy interaction between teacher and students. Likewise, we use digital content platforms with the course’s program that permit playing videos and audios, as well as the application of homework and exercises. They also provide content that students can review on their own to strengthen language abilities.

It should be mentioned that a teacher is permanently assigned to each group, to give instruction and oversee its progress.

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