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We can assist you with any language you may need:

The translations are made by specialist in the specific area of knowledge to be translated. The translated documents are sent via email or any other means. The delivery time is agreed with the customer and the translations are made in any format.

  • Each translation is assigned to the expert translator on the field.
  • A glossary with the terminology requested by each customer is created.
  • The content, terms, style and format is reviewed.
  • Large volume translations can be provided in partial deliveries.
  • A confidentiality agreement is signed to protect your information.


Certifications from the American Embassy.

Translations are classified as follows

General. Manuals of Human Resources, procedures, resumes.

Technical. Engineering fields, medical issues, reports, standards and technical manuals.

Legal. Agreements, affidavits, minutes, demands, official documents.

Certified. Legal translations with expert certification, with the authorization of the Federal Judiciary Council of the Superior Court of Justice and of the required embassies.

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