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We offer various types of translations: General, technical, legal, certified.

All translations are made by experts in specific themes and vocabulary (i.e. legal, technical, diplomatic, financial, etc.) Our deliverables respect the required formats and are sent to the client by email, or any other means requested. Timelines for delivery are previously agreed upon with the client.

  • Production of a glossary with relevant terminology for the client.
  • Multiple revisions for quality control (regarding content, terminology, style and format).
  • Availability for partial deliveries in large-volume translations.
  • Signature of a Non-Disclosure Agreement to protect your information.


Certification of translations before the embassy of the United States.

Translations are classified as follows:

Types of translations:

  • General: CVs, human resources and organizational manuals,
  • Technical: Engineering, medicine, economy; company operational guidelines
  • Legal: Official documents, contracts, litigation, sworn affidavits, notarized records.
  • Certified: Translation with the seal of an expert licensed by the Federal Judiciary of the Superior Court of Justice, for legal and embassy procedures.

Average timelines for the delivery of translations

Tiempo de entrega estándar
Standard delivery

Three business days —up to 30 pages

Tiempos de entrega urgentes
Urgent delivery

One business day —up to 10 pages

To provide you with a more precise price quotation, upload your document and in less than three hours you will receive an email from us with our quotation and delivery time.

Receive a price quotation
Tiempos de entrega urgentes
What do we consider when
making a price quotation?
  • Number of pages
    (200 words = one page)
  • The language that is to be translated
  • The technical complexity of the translation
  • Time available to do the translation
    (for urgent tasks, consider a 30% surcharge)
Tiempos de entrega urgentes
How do I pay
for the service?
  • 50% on request and the remaining 50% upon delivery
  • Electronic transfer
  • Bank deposit
  • PayPal

We can translate these documents, and many more!

Sitios web y landing pages

Web pages and
landing pages

Sitios web y landing pages

Business manuals and dossiers

Sitios web y landing pages

Certificates of origin and
free sale

Sitios web y landing pages

Official documents, contracts
and apostilles

Sitios web y landing pages

Sanitary registrations
and operation permits

Sitios web y landing pages

Facility inspections by
the Food and Drug Administration (FDA)

Sitios web y landing pages

Standard operating

Sitios web y landing pages

Articles in scientific

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How much does a translation cost?

It depends on the language to translate from and the complexity of the topic, as well as the time available to deliver the translation. Please contact us for more information.

What are the types of translation?

  3. LEGAL

What is a certified translation?

Those that need to have the seal and signature of a translator licensed by the Federal Judiciary of the Superior Court of Justice (TSDJ, for its acronym in Spanish). This is usually required for official documents.

How long does it take to do a translation?

STANDARD DELIVERY: Three business days, up to 30 pages.
URGENT DELIVERY: One working day, up to 10 pages.

Do you have the support of native-speaker translators?

Yes, and all of them with solid experience.

How do you guarantee the quality of a translation?

Not only do we have a strong track record of 42 years in the market. We count with ISO 17100 quality certification, which governs all our procedures.

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