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Interpretations in all languages

We have specialized interpreters with expertise in different topics


Simultaneous interpretation:

The interpreter listens to the speaker through headphones in a booth and interprets through a microphone. Used in conferences or meetings with many participants.

Consecutive interpretation:

The interpreter listens to a speech segment for some minutes, takes notes and then delivers the complete message in the target language. Consecutive interpreters are also requested to assist in visits to industrial facilities, diplomatic conversations, business trips, among others.

Equipment rental

We have the necessary equipment for any kind of event. Our qualified technical staff will guarantee the success of the service. We offer:

  • Qualified technical personnel.
  • Installation and technical monitoring of the event.
  • We can provide you with: translation booth, interpreter booth, bodypack, transmitter, receiver, lamps, speakers, headphones, microphones, headsets and sound equipment.

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