What are the Characteristics of Specialized Translations for Industries in the Technology sector?

What are the Characteristics of Specialized Translations for Industries in the Technology sector?

Specialized translations have become a vital necessity for several economic sectors. They are necessary to produce operation manuals, give instructions to clients or even finalize a business deal among companies. As technological advances bring persons closer together, a related requirement is that the texts we use jointly become available in English the global language of business. In this context, difficulties arise when the specialized terminology used in a specific industry has to be transmitted into another language. This is why translation services have become so necessary in recent years.

What is the Differentiating Characteristic of a Specialized Translation in the Technology Sector?

Producing such translation requires not only adaptation to a specific language but also finding technical documents on issues related to telecommunications, information technology, web development, software interfaces, web applications and technological patents, among others.

Likewise, It should be noted that a majority of documents related to this sector contain legal concepts and stipulations, which in turn emphasize their relevance. In a related matter, this is why data security mechanisms must be put in place and a confidentiality agreement signed, to assure the client’s peace of mind.

The Need to Translate Documents for Industries in the Technology Sector.

The technology sector turns out products in high demand on a global scale. Their manufacture requires the participation of collaborators in various parts of the world. It should be noted that technological products are designed almost from scratch and the productive process only ends with their placement in the global market. This is one reason why translation becomes a key part of the process. 

A translation on technology issues requires great effort, notably concerning research on terminology, the manufacturing process and current trends in relevant industries. The production of this type of documents puts high demands on the intellectual abilities of translators, who must be clear regarding the target audience and understand specifically the messages that must be communicated. In this respect, the buyers of technology products (i.e. financial companies, accounting firms, age segments closely attached to technology) are used to working with highly specialized and precise information. Thus, it is key for manufacturers to speak their same language.

For this type of translation projects, it is very important to prepare correctly before the work starts. Such an approach will allow to previously clarify any technical question or specific requirements on the part of the client, including required delivery time and desired format. Some examples of information to be previously clarified are:

  • The type of file required
  • Number of characters or words allowed.
  • Word abbreviations to be used, depending on the industry.
  • Additional sources of reference.
  • Specific delivery dates.
  • Previous work similar to the current project.


A faulty or low-quality translation in the software or information technology industries can carry significant negative consequences for the company involved. In turn, a well-made translation requires effort, precision, and close attention to detail. In the field of technology, every concept, paragraph, or phrase are crucial for effective understanding.

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